Patients undergoing major heart surgery are entitled to know whether the surgeon operating on them is any good - they are therefore entitled to know the surgeon's success rates or outcomes compared to his peers in the same unit and nationally.


The main outcome that is measured after heart surgery is percentage survival rate. This refers to the percentage of patients who survive the surgery and who are discharged from hospital alive and well.  The survival rate is adjusted according to the risk of patients a surgeon operates on. The higher the risk , the greater the adjustment. Adjustment allows mortality or survival rates of different surgeons or different hospitals to be compared. 

My death rate for all heart operations, adjusted for the risk of the patients I operated on is 3% (or survival rate of 97%. ) These were recently published on line HERE.

The survival rate for all isolated aortic valve replacement operations I have carried out in my career is 100%

The survival rate for all isolated mitral valve repair operations I have carried out in my career is 100%

The survival rate for all coronary artery bypass operations I have carried out over the past 4 years is 99.5%


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